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Empowerment comes from wearing gorgeous lingerie

Empowerment comes from wearing gorgeous lingerie

Back in the day, as Wikipedia suggests, the concept of ‘lingerie’ was a visually appealing undergarment that was developed during the late 19th century. Presumably the ‘visually appealing’ aspect was for the person that was looking at the woman wearing the lingerie. However, over time and during the first world war, this concept of lingerie changed from ‘visually appealing’ to one of practicality when women found themselves having to  engage in jobs that men once did. Lingerie suddenly became something that was designed to be comfortable, breathable and lighter making working in the fields easier for women. 

Today, the concept of lingerie has changed to one of empowerment and building confidence for modern woman. Wikipedia suggests that this change in the perception of lingerie may have been helped by designer André Courrèges in the 1960s, as he was one of the first to present androgynous figures in one of his collections where the image of a modern woman was one that was comfortable with her own body. It may or may not have been this exact move, but now we are in 2020 and the concept of lingerie is definitely about how women feel when wearing it. Women are now wearing lingerie for themselves and to feel confident with their own body and celebrating their own self.

With that bit of history in mind, we will now have a quick look at top three reasons for how wearing lingerie can empower women in 2020.

Lingerie is not just about what happens in the boudoir

Veronica Granja-Sierra from suggests that in the past people’s notion around lingerie, and it being all about ‘sex’, is not what lingerie means today. She says: “What all women need to realise is that the point of sexy lingerie is not necessarily for your partner to see you in it, but just for the fact of yourself knowing that you have it on.” Veronica draws a line between modern lingerie and fashion, with intimates now closely following the latest fashion and runway trends. "Lingerie should be a fashion icon that symbolises women empowerment; that signifies femininity, sexiness, and to inspire women all over the globe." Lingerie, in a sense, should be able to capture the inner emotions of women and assist them in being able to portray these to the outside world. Sometimes as women we feel determined and sometimes we feel dreamy, so by picking lingerie that supports or personifies whatever mood we might be in, then we can be confident with our feelings, which in turn empower women to honour their true selves. 

Celebrate your individual shape, curves and all

Let's face it the mere mortal woman does not look like a typical Victoria Secret's model. Women come in all shapes and sizes! So at Dear Eve Lingerie that is why we have created a sizing page to help you choose the best fitting lingerie that will showcase all of your body's best features. If you have a narrow waist or long legs buy yourself a corset and show off your waist or purchase some suspenders to make your thighs look even more awesome. echoes this sentiment stating that, "trying out various styles and types of lingerie isn’t just about figuring out what works for you, it’s about enjoying your body…. And so does, the writer here says: "If you have been made to feel inferior or ashamed of your body in the past, wearing lingerie you love can be one way to practice acceptance for and take pleasure in the things about yourself that may have once been used against you." Being plus size is a good example of this as there are now plenty of lingerie brands that cater to this group where it's all about realising that a larger more curvaceous body is beautiful and sexy. It sure is all about 'body positivity' in 2020.

Learning to love 'you' through lingerie 

Popular blog  defines self love as the practice of mindfully loving yourself through mental and physical acts, by completing various exercises that create a mindset of appreciation and confidence in your body and soul. And for her one of these acts is wearing lingerie that makes her feel like a million dollars. She explains it perfectly here: "I have a bra and underwear set that covers more than any bikini I own. Seriously, this set is so modest it’s not even a push-up bra. But when I put it on, I feel like I can take on the world." In other words it really doesn't matter if the beautiful set of underwear that makes you feel so good is not a thong or is not like something out of a sexy wear catalogue, it can be a beautifully crafted feminine set like Dear Eve's own La sirena . Our favourite lingerie blog talks about Cora Harrington's latest book In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie , Cora summarises all of our sentiments with her own words: “Beautiful lingerie… is a signal that you love yourself enough to take out the good stuff and feel special even on the most mundane of days.” 

With all this in mind says purchasing and wearing only the lingerie styles that make you feel incredible becomes even more pertinent when out shopping for your next sets of underwear. And because learning to love 'you' through the lingerie that we choose to buy is our calling these days, then this trending website reminds us to always hand wash intimates highlighting that it's all part of the ritual. It says: "Fill the sink basin with lukewarm water and add a capful of delicate lingerie wash. Then, swish your pieces around in the water a bit, rinse, gently squeeze out the water, and lay flat to dry." Caring for your lingerie properly is all part of the full process of loving yourself.  Gifting yourself beautiful lingerie and keeping your pieces looking as fresh as when you bought them will make you continually feel like goddess you were born to live as.