The Dear Eve Lingerie brand has been devotedly created to cater for small-to-medium size women (bra band sizes 8 to 14 and bra cup sizes A to D).

Bra band sizes are the key to a perfect fit

A bra’s band sits just under the bust and underwire. This band is what needs to fit perfectly to get the best support from your bra. An ill-fitting bra band can restrict breathing, produce back tension and even cause tissue damage.

To correctly measure your bra band stand with your arms down and relaxed. Use tape to measure around your chest right under your breasts and make sure it feels comfortably snug.

Converting Dear Eve Lingerie band sizing to Australian sizing is simple. Our small bra band of 67-72cm = Aus 8D/10B/C and a medium bra band of 72-77cm = Aus 10D/12B/C. For all our bra fits make sure to visit the Dear Eve sizing page.


We are experts in quality lingerie for small-to-medium size women


At Dear Eve Lingerie we aim to empower smaller framed women to feel confident and sexy while wearing unique and high-quality lingerie and sleepwear.

As experts in smaller sized lingerie, we believe that no matter what, there is no ‘bra that fits all’! Even if the care label says so, we know this is practically unworkable because all women’s bodies and bust sizes are unique.


We provide small-to-medium sizes for our luxe designs

As owner of Dear Eve Lingerie, and after years of collecting and researching the lingerie market, I quickly discovered that I couldn’t find beautiful lingerie to fit my smaller frame. Left feeling quite alienated and ‘unfeminine’, I decided to launch Dear Eve Lingerie to solve these issues and provide elegant and sexy bras for all smaller framed women in Australia.

Welcome to our lingerie sanctuary for small-to-medium women

There is no need to look further now you have reached our online lingerie sanctuary. Here we make it our purpose to fully understand your body concerns and strive to provide smaller sizes to almost every one of our gorgeous bra designs.

As a smaller woman, you won’t ever feel alienated at Dear Eve Lingerie. It’s here where you can finally say goodbye to that feeling of not being truly feminine. Our exceptionally well-crafted bras and bottoms are guaranteed to make you feel confident once more.

We will continue to progress

‘Dear Eve Lingerie’ promises to keep growing and providing Australia with the latest in stunning and lovable intimate global trends.

We will continue to remain committed to ethical sourcing of products and to keep making improvements in our production practices. Our product materials are sourced from Europe, Korea, China and Taiwan and manufacturing takes place across various countries in Asia. 

Our high-quality Dear Eve lingerie brand is one to trust and absolutely love to wear!

Dear Eve Lingerie supports Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia (PANDA) with 1% of profits going to this important cause.