Dear Eve Lingerie

Hello! I’m Kathy Jia, director of ‘Dear Eve Lingerie’ and I believe in empowering women to feel confident and sexy while wearing my brand of unique and elegant lingerie and sleepwear.

I’m super passionate about the high-end lingerie market, and as an entrepreneur I aspire to offer you beautifully crafted lingerie pieces that are feminine and give the utmost comfort for daily and busy lives.

I’m based in Melbourne where I initially graduated with an Optometry Degree from the University of Melbourne. But even back during those days I often dreamed of being part of the fashion industry. So, to fuel my passion, I decided to collect beautiful lingerie; a collection which now comprises quite a few hundred pieces!

While I was collecting and studying the lingerie market, I discovered that the high-quality underwear that I loved the most was expensive and not as comfortable as I wanted it to feel.

That's why I went on to creating the Dear Eve Lingerie brand; to produce well-priced, sassy but comfortable pieces into the market that can take all women on a self-discovery to capturing all that is womanly.

I think that today, women want to get in touch with their ‘inner goddess’ not in the ‘sexual’ sense, but rather more about everything we have to offer to the world.

While many may think that lingerie is all about ‘sex’ and what happens in the bedroom, the reality of wearing gorgeous, high-end lingerie is all about feeling good, feminine and super confident. I truly believe buying underwear is about treating yourself well.

So, what I hope for all my customers is to feel the utmost self-love from wearing ‘Dear Eve Lingerie’!

Always with these words in mind, I drive to offer the very best quality, sexy and comfortable intimates through Dear Eve.

In the next while I will be growing Dear Eve Lingerie to include other products.

So please keep watching this space as I expand my stunning and lovable intimates’ range into an all-encompassing brand; a brand that you all will trust and absolutely love to wear.
Dear Eve Lingerie is committed to ethical sourcing of our products and it is our mission to continuously make improvements in our practice. Our products are designed here in Australia, and we source our materials from Europe, Korea, China and Taiwan. The manufacturing of our products takes place across various countries in Asia.