Caring for your Intimates

At Dear Eve Lingerie, we always recommend to hand wash your lingerie. The more care you give your lingerie, the longer they can care for you. See hand washing instructions below.

To hand wash lingerie, soak your lingerie in a clean washing up bowl or sink, using a mild solution of washing detergent and cold to lukewarm water. Always use water that is below 30 degrees celsius to be completely safe.

Please make sure to separate your white lingeries, bright coloured lingerie, and dark coloured lingerie when you are washing lingerie. If you’re really concerned about colour fading it’s best to wash these lingerie in isolation.

Rubbing is not always necessary when hand washing underwear, and should be avoided where possible. Alternatively, you can gently pat your lingerie whilst it’s soaking, pushing it down and letting it float up again repeatedly to loosen grime, and paying particular attention to bra underwiring and straps, in order to ensure that the water and detergent comes into contact with the entire surface so that it can clean the lingerie effectively.

Unlike soaking most regular clothing items, it’s very important not to leave your underwear in water for too long. Up to an hour is normally sufficient for hand washing lingerie and shouldn’t cause any damage.

After soaking delicate lingerie, you should rinse it with cold water from the tap, and if you are not satisfied that the garments are completely clean, repeat the soak and rinse method until you are happy that your underwear is fresh.