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Choose wirefree bras and be healthy and stylish

lace Bralette

As the world of lingerie keeps evolving in design, style and comfort, wirefree or bralettes for women have become one of the most sort out lingerie pieces this decade and beyond. In days of old with undergarments such as hard-boned corsets, (which Wikipedia describes as ‘a garment to hold and train the torso into a desired shape’) being viewed in modern times as harsh symbols of the past subjugation of women, the evolution of the bra keeps travelling forwards. Designs like the bralette which are wirefree, healthy for the bust and so stylish keep popularity as outerwear because they are just too comfortable and beautiful to remain under clothes while also celebrating the modern female way of life!

The ease of the modern wirefree bras is seen because of the support it gives without the hard wire frame of the more traditional push-up bras. Known to be the wise choice for an active woman of today, this design is popular because it doesn’t constrict the ribcage and lets your upper body move freely while busily engaging in indoor and outdoor activity. Lifestyle blog for the twentysomethings woman, Leisure Martini confirms there is no digging or poking that comes with wearing a bralette, stating it’s so comfortable it can be worn to sleep. What bliss!

Health benefits of wireless styles like bralettes

Women’s health writer from blog ‘Don’t Make Me Blush’ gives us two key reasons why wirefree/bralettes are good for women’s health: comfort and proper lymph node drainage.

Wirefree or bralettes for comfort no matter what size

Well-regarded women’s blog Wellness Mama agrees that no wire bras like the bralette are good for women’s health. They ease skin irritation, shoulder and neck tension and even headaches that cheaper underwire bras can produce. Wirefree bras omit the use of unnatural materials like plastic and metal. Right about now you may be thinking, what about for the larger breasted women? NY Mag has specialists writing why bralettes are good for the petite to plus-sized women. They write that designers ‘employ all things technical into their bralettes like architectural seaming, power mesh and reinforced panels to compensate for the lack of underwire’. For the lacy bralettes, designers make sure to use ‘strong, elasticated lace and a more supportive cup thanks to a three-piece construction, and a three-hook closure to support all bust sizes’. And what about the small chested gals out there? Glamour Mag online suggests not passing on the bralette trend. The well-read magazine says bralettes are perfect for people with small breasts not only because they feel snug, but also because the silhouette frames the natural shape of the bust. The article’s writer says the triangle bralette cup tends to be the most flattering for a smaller chest. No matter what the bust size the woman may have, the trend of the bralette has also brought another important point to light and that is choosing bras to provide a silhouette that celebrates ‘a natural breast shape’. Wikipedia says the rising popularity of bralettes has given rise to a new focus on the athletic body, health and wellbeing. Celebrating your natural body curves is a healthy way to view yourself. And while underwire bras may not be for everyone, because they are designed to create structured positioning that looks different from natural breasts, the wirefree bra trend continues to hail because breasts are beautiful natural not fake. 

Wirefree for proper lymph node drainage

The blog - Don’t make me blush reminds us that our body has over 500 lymph nodes, which help to flush out harmful toxins. Some of these are located under each armpit and along the breastbone. So, if your bra has underwire that is too tight there is a chance that fluid may remain trapped in your breasts. While Leisure Martini also backs this notion with similar advice, Wellness Mama blog suggests that when the lymphatic system can’t drain properly it may contribute to breast cancer.

So, you’re choosing to go for the bralette, what’s in this season?

Our own beautiful and stylish Dear Eve Lingerie brand prides itself on providing loads of on-trend bralettes. First up are our pure underwear bralettes  like the Elle Lace Bralette. This bra top is classically bright white and elegant, testimony that a little lace goes a long way. With just the right amount of padding you will feel nothing but your true beautiful self in this style. Our Soloist Bralette is another winner by Dear Eve. In both black and ‘so in now’ mustard colours, the bra’s material with super chic circular lace edging is so soft that wearing the Soloist for every occasion will be hard not to do! The Rita and Romana bralettes are next, both showcasing a wonderful amount of old Hollywood grace. The Romana Bralette is nothing short of glamourous with geometric-patterned and scalloped lace partially padded, available in classic black, oyster blue and a blush pink tones, and the Rita just simply oozes cheekiness. Striking a pose in either one of these is certainly something to do. 

Bralettes as outwear

While the bralette top trend as outerwear will be staying put into 2021, as fashion blog Trendspotter says – ‘whether worn underneath a top and delicately revealed’ … or over the top, ‘this simple piece of lingerie can transform any outfit to feel fresh, stylish, and utterly exciting’. Staying true to its stylish best, Dear Eve is again rising to the occasion with some up-to-the-minute bralettes to be worn paired with your favourite bottom half like ripped or flared jeans and maxi, mini or tired skater skirts. Visit our satiny Martha Longline Bra, our edgy staircase Starstruck Bralette our sexy and strappy Gabrini bralette, and our Inside or Out Cami which sports a striking larger weave lace design resembling an array of peacock feathers. With funky double criss-cross straps at the back, this top is so hot; wear it under a sheer top, suit jacket or cardigan, available in colours - blush pink and classic white and black, you’ll have to just buy it!

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