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3 Ways to get your bra fitting like a second skin!

3 Ways to get your bra fitting like a second skin!

Finding your perfect bra size

Did you know that there is an 80 per cent chance that your bra is not fitting properly? Now, don’t be alarmed because bras made by different manufacturers have hugely different sizing systems. Also, there is no one universal size chart for all the bras in the world. Or, perhaps your bra fitter was not as experienced as you thought because technically there isn’t a universal bra fitting qualification out there either. That is why it’s so important that a woman knows exactly how to take their own bust and bra measurements so they can achieve the most comfortable and secure fit and happy days ahead.

Before we begin, always remember to wear a thin and non-padded bra when taking your measurements, and take the measurements directly over the bra without other clothing. This helps imitate the natural position of the breasts when we wear a bra. Without a bra, our breasts tend to sit lower and are not as full, which affects our over the bust measurements. 

How to find your bra size

Believe it or not, it’s all in the breath!

Research shows that a bra size measurement should be taken over a well fitted, thinner and unpadded bra. This is because bra measurements are affected by posture and the way one breathes. Guaranteed your last bra fitter did not factor in these subtle nuances into your sizing session. It’s important to note bra sizes comprise two components such as 80B or 75C. The number value of 80 is your under bust measurement and the letter stands for your cup size. So, when measuring your bra size, you must include both the under bust and the over bust values.

Add in a dash of mathematics

The under bust value is the circumference of the torso right under the bust. This value is affected by breathing, so the measurement we need to consider is technically taken from two values. One is measured inhaling and one when exhaling, then the average of the two is the value you want.

The over bust value is the circumference taken directly over the bust. This value is affected by posture, so when this measurement is taken, three values are taken into consideration. One when standing upright, one when leaning forward at around 45 degrees and one when bending forward at approximately 90 degrees. The average of these three is the value you want.

Once you have the two measurements, that’s when you can find your perfect bra size using the bra size chart of the brand you are looking to purchase. For example, using the size bra chart below; if your under bust measurement is 75cm and your over bust measurement is 90cm, then your bra size is a 12B.



Bralette sizing explained

Finding your perfect bralette size

Sometimes this way of fitting your bra does not work when you are looking at bralettes because this style does not come in cup sizes. Instead bralettes tend to come in sizes like small, medium and large. In this case, you simply use the fitting table the same way to choose which size is for you. For example, if using the Dear Eve Lingerie table like the one below, if you are 75cm under the bust and 90cm over the bust, then your bralette size would be a ‘large’.

Bralette size
Under bust/Over bust (cm)
Extra Large


No matter whether you are looking to fit a traditional bra or a softer more modern style like the bralette, as explained you need to take a bit of time and have patience to get your bust and bra measurements absolutely correct. Remember your posture and take your breathing in and out into consideration and you can’t go wrong.


Dear Eve Lingerie is a brand that cares, so make sure to check out our sizing chart and blogs about bras on our site. Also, if you have any queries, we are here to lend a helping hand so that you can walk away with correctly fitted lingerie that will add confidence rather than inhibit your lifestyle.

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