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Show your intimates the love they deserve

Show your intimates the love they deserve

So, you've finally decided to practice self love by making the investment and purchasing the high-end delicate lingerie that you have been eyeing up for quite some time now. If you have, then here's a big 'well done', this kind of treat is particularly important during these harder virus months that we've been experiencing recently. Secondly, whether you have chosen lingerie from our very own dearevelingerie website, or have indulged in other beautiful brands keep on reading because here are some excellent tips on how to care for your new intimates…

Hand wash, hand wash and more hand washing
First things first as our website,
 and almost all other lingerie blogs are shouting out to all owners of quality underwear–make sure to hand wash all of your delicates! Separate your colours first, for example keeping all whites together and so forth. Then soak your lingerie in cold to lukewarm water (preferably below 30 degrees celsius) in a clean basin or bowl. Choose a mild soap something like a wool wash to use. Amaella ethical fashion website suggests using one of the many soap brands in the market that is not only easy on your intimates, but also cares for the environment and of course your skin. For instructions on how to apply the soap and rinse visit our care page or try the laundress lingerie blog; the steps are very easy-to-follow. Also, if you are exercising regularly sports bras and bottoms will need hand washing and more often. While you may not have to be as delicate with some of the thicker sports cottons they will last longer and not ladder if you also head to the basin with those sweaty numbers. 

Air is all you need
When you've completed the hand washing task Savoir flair website
, as well as other lingerie blogs, says a big 'no no' to popping your lingerie in the dryer. Tumble dryers, even on a gentle cycle, can be too rough on materials like lace and silk and too hot in temperature which can shrink or loosen fabrics especially elastic.
Drying au natural via air is the way to go instead. Hang your intimates over the top of a drying rack on the veranda or outside on the washing line, but not in direct sunlight, as you'll end up with discoloured patches. A drying rack may be the better options as pegs can make funny shapes on dainty materials. For the extra delicate pieces
 suggests, before hanging out to dry, putting your bra and knickers on a towel and then fold the same towel over the top. By doing this extra water can be gently absorbed and your delicates will retain their shape and style. 

Rotating won't wear your knickers out
Hopefully while you are on the road of self-loving you have bought not just one set of your favourite lingerie, you've bought quite a few.
 cheekily suggests finding a favourite lingerie style and then buying all the different colours for that one style. This way you can rotate your most comfortable underwear sets, particularly the bras and longevity will remain. Just try and resist not buying our beautiful Rustica Romano bra and brief set in oyster blue and then immediately grabbing it online in a beautifully blush pink tone.

Select an underwear-only drawer
Finally if you are or becoming a quality lingerie lover (much like us at dearevelingerie), you'll no doubt have collected quite a few different sets by now. With this kind of bulk you'd be wise to allow them the space they deserve–a drawer just for lingerie. Giving your lingerie enough space means you can store your pieces properly, folding them along the right lines and stacking them properly so they don't collect mildew or mould.
Many lingerie manufacturers suggest putting your freshly washed knickers and bras at the back of each row, so that you are not always using the same set from the front of the drawer. Another tip, so that you are always feeling your absolute best when you choose your stunning set to wear in the morning, is to pop a lingerie scented sachet into the drawer to give your underwear a delicious scent. This way you are guaranteed to fully feel the star of your day when your underwear not only looks new and feels silky smooth, it even smells gorgeous and fresh!